On Learning English

On Learning English

My advice on How to Learn ESL?

by Cheema Beckham

A famous Czech proverb says, “Learn a new language and get a new soul”. Learning new languages opens new windows towards life and teaches new things about diverse cultures, societies and traditions. It is always advantageous to learn new languages other than your mother tongue and learning English as a secondary language is one of the most popular practices in non-English speaking countries.

This trend of learning English as a secondary language or ESL is increasing in South-Eastern Asian countries and especially in Japan. Japanese youth are highly inclined towards studying English and to being proficient in both spoken and written forms of the language.

If you have decided to learn ESL, then the first question which comes to your mind is “How to learn ESL?” There are a number of methods which are being used to learn ESL. These include both online and offline ways. Some of the most popular methods for learning ESL are as under:-

• ESL Classes. It is one of the best ways to learn any language. You can learn new words and sentences and practice in the class. A teacher can also help you in learning the language with correct accent and pronunciation. However the drawbacks is that you have to find time in your daily routine to attend the classes and it costs real money to enter these classes.

• Books. Various books are available for teaching ESL. This is a convenient method but most of the new learners find it extremely tough to use a book for studying a new language. The second drawback is that buying different books can prove very costly.

• Online Courses. There are a number of websites which are offering online courses for learning ESL. These include both paid and free websites.

• ESL Articles. By searching online, you can find various articles which can prove exceptionally beneficial in achieving your goal.

• ESL Games. One of the best ways to get top output from the learners is to teach while playing games. There are a number of websites which are offering ESL games for new learners.

• ESL Quizzes. Using ESL Quizzes to learn English is another popular way to study English in a fun way. These quizzes are available for all skill levels from beginners to experts. The kids and adults can also find separate ESL Quizzes for themselves.

• ESL Blogs. With the boom in the blogosphere, a number of ESL blogs have also surfaced. These free blogs can prove to be very valuable for learning ESL.

My Advice on how to learn ESL? I would recommend you use a combination of all the above methods. Attending ESL classes is a good option if you can find time to attend these classes and have some spare cash too. Books are not recommended for fresh starters but they can be used conveniently at a later stage. Online resources can be used to learn English as a secondary language for maximum gain. Kids can start by playing various ESL games which have been designed specifically for children.

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