Learn English for Free in Kamiasao!

Would you like to learn English for free in  Asao-ku, Kawasaki?

The class is on Tuesdays, from 8-9PM.  Kevin is the teacher.

*You can volunteer to be Kevin`s Personal Assistant.

*Must live in or near Kamiasao.    (For example: Machida people are OK)


-You need to be able to speak some English now.  (You cannot be a complete beginner.)

-Must be Japanese (as you will need to read and write in Japanese).


Kevin`s Personal Assistant


– help him to fill out papers in Japanese.

-get rid of junk (take it to the recycle center)

-help with the English school

-help with Kevin`s Guest Houses

-basically help with anything that Kevin needs done.      Email Kevin!


Kevin`s English Schools (Home)

Kevin`s Guest Houses