Can we talk?

Hi Everyone,
(For university students)
I just wanted to say this: 
I’ve lived in Japan for over 30 years. I understand a lot of Japanese even though when I speak I make many mistakes. Being an English teacher trains your ears to hear many things.
Please respect me by learning some basic English like: “Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom.”  
-Writing your name in English on assignments.
– Buying and bringing your textbook, not using an old textbook with all the answers in it.
*The teachers here are my friends. If you have complaints about other teachers, don’t complain about my friends in our classroom please.
If you have complaints about me. Please come and talk to me, or please write it on the survey I will give you to write. Please don’t complain about me or make rude comments about me to other students in our classroom. 
I will do my best to respect you in our classroom. But if you are acting disrespectful, bullying, or other rude behavior, I will have to do something about it.
As I am Canadian, you may not understand the logic of why we are doing certain things, or why I teach in a very different way from your Japanese teachers. But try to enjoy a different cultural experience.  
Lastly, if you sit in our classroom and do nothing. I will just fail you. I will not yell at you. Participation is very important.
Kevin Burns