YK 英会話新百合ヶ丘 Class


Tuesday 7-8PM


What is the difference between Valentine`s Day in Japan and Canada or America?

Below – Do #2 Time Questions

Tonight`s Topic?

Cheating Debate


Talk your Head Off p. 70 and 71

What do you think of Joe Biden so far?

Tonight`s Topic?


Did you get any Valentine Day chocolate?

Talk your Head Off p. 74 & 75

Mini – Debate – Cell Phones in Class continue

Tonight`s topic?

Talk your Head Off p.78 & 79

Online Privacy Discussion

2/23 Holiday! No Class!

Tuesday Class 8-9PM


What do you do during your free time, while this pandemic is going on?

Talk a Lot 2 p. 14 #2 Sennah and Shanaya interview students about work.

Explain how to get to your home from the nearest train station.

Write 10 questions to ask another student- any question is OK. For example: What are your hobbies? What do you do? (work)

Second-Hand vs New Discussion

Talk a Lot 2 p. 14 # 7 & 8 Shanaya asks other students

The Harry Potter Game


What did you watch on TV last night? or What did you read or see on the internet?

Second-Hand vs New Discussion

Talk a Lot 2 p. 14 # 7 & 8 Shanaya asks other students

Talk a Lot 2 p. 17 & 18 Sennah asks questions about the map to other students.


Did you get any Valentine chocolate?/Did you give any Valentine chocolate?

Breakout rooms – How much do you know about Korea? Tell your partner. 2 minutes each.

Talk a Lot 2 p. 23 Topic: Traveling to Korea Shanaya asks students questions about Korea and talks about how she feels to. (If you have never been to Korea, tell us what you would like to do in Korea.)

Climate Change

Camping Discussion


If you were going to book a hotel (make a hotel reservation) how would you do it? Explain

Topic: Risk

5 Topics – Breakout Rooms – Discuss with your partner

Meeting a Friend for dinner – Breakout Rooms – explain how to get to your house from Odawara Station. Which station will you meet at? When will you meet? Where exactly will you meet- on the platform? at the ticket gate? outside the East exit? etc.

Talk a Lot 2 p. 28 Shanaya reads Present Perfect – Grammar Hint

p. 28 #2 Have you ever…? Shanaya asks: Have you ever…? questions to other students using the p. 29& 30 hints.

p. 30 #4 Sennah reads I`ve never….

-then students take turns making sentences about themselves:

A: I`ve never…..

B: I haven`t either. / Me neither.


You haven`t? I have.


In Canada we have a saying – “March winds, April showers.” But I feel that in Kanagawa, Japan the weather is different.

“I feel it should be March cold and rainy, and April windy.”

What do you think?

Talk a Lot 2. p. 31 Wild and Crazy Survey – Shanaya asks other students questions

English Globalization Discussion