Using English in a Restaurant

What kind of English do you need in a restaurant? Some English learners become nervous about using English in a restaurant. I hope this video will help you!

Starting English School Japan

This video is a little bit of history about my adventure of starting a small chain of English schools in Kanagawa, Japan.

Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

Adverbs of Frequency

How do you use adverbs of frequency like: always, often, sometimes, hardly ever/never? Let`s find out! Please try to answer the questions out loud at the end of the video, and post your answers in the comments below the video at YouTube.

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Some of Kevin`s Favourite Places in Hakone

Come with Kevin and see some of his favourite places in Hakone and practice your English listening! How much can you understand?

Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

Which do you like better, big cities or the countryside?

Please answer the question out loud, and in the comments below at YouTube.

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Kevin`s English School in Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa.

We also have a Kevin`s English School in Shinyurigaoka.