How can you improve your English?

How can you improve your English?

by Kazuya Sato


I think the best way to improve own English skill is talking with foreign people. My major is P.E and sports and leisure management. I joined Andy’s seminar room. He’s American and a teacher at my university. I learn about foreign sports and leisure. It’s very effective for me to improve my English skills. I can do both things by talking with a foreign teacher and listening to real English.


I studied the proverb “practice makes perfect .” It means that the people who practice something should be able to do it themselves.


Doing it yourself is more effective than watching the others doing it. We can say the same thing for studying English.

In my opinion, Japanese can read and write English but can’t speak and listen to English because Japanese school puts more weight on learning English through writing and translation, than actually speaking English. It is problematical for Japanese English skills.


The Japanese government should promote the use of speaking or listening classes for Japanese education system.
If Japanese can get a chance to speak English. Their English skills will be better.


Author: kintaro63

Writer and teacher in Japan

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