How to be Bilingual?

At Dave and Amy English School, we have taught a lot of returnees. We try to help returnees keep their fluency, comprehension, reading and writing abilities at a high level, and improve them. But it takes hard work. How do we do this effectively?

**** We would like to specify that ANY student that wants to become bi-lingual, should do the following. We teach students that have never left Japan, but have very high level English. They easily join our returnee lessons at the same level as children who have lived abroad for 3 or more years. So let’s go through what is necessary.

To begin with, what factors are important for returnees to retain high English ability? We have found that returnees who are fluent confident readers can keep their English at a high level. This holds true even if returnees are very young. We had a 5 year old America returnee who loved to read. She’s now in Junior High School and has a very high level of English. Read More


Author: kintaro63

Writer and teacher in Japan

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